Our Washable Silk has beauty and brains.
It is intended to have a soft, relaxed look after washing.  If you prefer a more polished look, a once-over with a steamer or iron should do the trick!



Machine wash with like colors. Use a mild detergent, but never bleach!  We recommend using a small amount of an eco-friendly detergent.

  • Always use the most gentle cycle your machine offers (Gentle/Delicates/Hand Wash settings are all great).
  • Water temperature should be cold or warm, never hot.
  • Set the spin cycle to the lowest spin setting.
  • Avoid using fabric softener, which coats the fibers for short-term softness but causes brittleness over time.  Replace with white vinegar, a great natural softener.  


  • Machine dry on medium to low heat.
  • Dry with other items to ensure garment moves around.
  • Remove promptly from the dryer and hang to avoid wrinkling.

NOTE:  We strongly recommend machine drying to get a fluffy, ready-to-wear result. Line drying is OK, but it may feel stiff once dry. Use a handheld steamer (or hang in the shower) to soften.


  • Soap build-up may occur from harsh detergents or fabric softeners. If this happens, soak or re-wash using a lesser amount of a mild detergent.
  • To brighten silk and help color fastness, add 1/2 cup salt to your laundry water. 
  • As a natural fiber, colors may change or fade over time. To slow this process wash sparingly.


  • Spot clean stains with a natural soap or colorless detergent: 1) gently rub bar on stain and wet slightly  2) rub stained areas together with fingers  3) rinse fully, then wash the garment, ideally before the treated area dries. 
  • Soaps with high natural fat content, like olive oil or goat's milk promote a rich lather that will help pull stains out of the fabric better than your average bar soap. 

If you have any questions about care, please email care@sourcerylabel.com and we'll be happy to help you right away!